3 Useful Tips to Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your Beloved

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Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. It is the perfect occasion to express your feelings for your beloved. Not that you cannot show her your love on other days, but 14th February has an enchantment of its own. Your gift reflects exactly how deeply you feel for the special woman in your life. We all know how confusing it is to find the right gift for your beloved. With so many to choose from, you are spoilt for options. If you have thought about gifting her Fashion Jewelry on this romantic occasion, this blog post can help you with some valuable tips.

Let’s find out how you can buy the perfect piece of jewellery for your ladylove.

# Take a look at your budget

Decide the budget of your gift at the very beginning. This does not mean that money determines your feelings for your valentine. With a high budget you can gift your beloved the large gem embedded pair of earrings you had always wanted to present her. But, if you have a tight budget, you can go for a simple piece of jewellery. It is the feelings imbibed with the gift that count, not how costly the gift is.

# Match with her choice

If you want to ensure a dazzling smile on her face, you should buy something she likes. Take a look at her jewellery collection. Does she like to wear simple studs or does she opt for elaborate danglers? Is she into vintage style or does she like contemporary jewellery? Your valentine may have a fetish for rustic ornaments. You can buy gold plated or platinum plated jewellery sets for the love of your life if she likes trendy jewellery.

# Go with the colour she likes and suits her skin tone

Are you having problem choosing the right valentine gift for your beloved? Have you given a thought to her favourite colour? If not, start recollecting what colour of dress or jewellery she frequently wears. Has she recently bought a purple dress and was looking for a fashionable bracelet, and earrings only the other day? Surprise her with a silver coloured bracelet with a purple stone right in the middle. A pair of purple crystal earrings can match adorably with her dress.

You can also choose a colour you think suits her complexion beautifully. Hold her delicate hands and look at her wrists. Her veins can tell you what colour suits her skin tone. It is believed that bluish veins signify cool skin tone. Platinum or silver perfectly match such a skin tone. On the other hand, if the veins sport a greenish tinge, it means that she has warm skin tone. Such skin tone matches well with gold or copper coloured jewellery.

Enhance the beauty of your beloved with the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. Buy Valentine’s Day gift from the house of Waah Waah and get mesmerized to see how your beloved dazzles in your gift. 

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