6 intriguing attributes your choice of jewellery tells about you

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Do you know that your jewellery speak thousands of words about your personality? Women all over the world adorn a wide variety of jewelleries as per their individual tastes and preferences. You might like wearing large studs, hoops, small pendants, pearl ornaments or even bold jewellery. Today, I am going to reveal what a person deduces about you from your choice of Fashion Jewelry.


The Artistic Woman


If you love to wear traditional jewellery, you are culturally and historically inclined. You try to avoid fake people and prefer to have in-depth understanding about those you like. Given the fact that you have a fondness for art, you love intricacy in everything you do.


The Matching Woman


Do you match accessories with dress in detail? Anyone who meets you can see that you like to wear monochromes to maintain uniformity of appearance. Your friends and family like to take your advice because you can apparently identify quick solutions to problems.


The Bold Woman


If you like bold jewellery pieces, you are the epitome of a confident woman. You do not need shiny metals, matching accessories or precious stones and gems to enhance your beauty. Bold jewellery pieces attract you and you feel comfortable adorning them. A woman wearing rustic bold jewellery appears to be passionate towards whatever responsibility she takes, be it work or relationship.


The Simple and Subtle Woman


If pearls are your favourite, you love simplicity and subtlety. Gracefulness and elegance define you and you are the stunner in a party. You do not indulge in useless gossip or perform attention grabbing stunts. Your calm nature draws appreciative glances towards you in a crowded hall. Deep attachment to your family is a unique aspect of your personality.


The Bashful Yet Confident Woman


Are you a fan of simple earrings and small pendants? In that case anyone who meets you can deduce that wearing an ornament is just another way to complete the whole look for you. Neither do you run after glitz and shine nor do you bother about what the world thinks about your sense of style.  You do not match jewellery with dresses; you prefer to stick to one particular set of jewellery for most occasions. A person meeting you for the first time may find you a little shy. However, with time, your confidence trickles out of you.


The Edgy Woman


Spike necklaces and chains are your favourites and you are the perfect rebel.  You resist any norm that demarcates the boundary of a woman. People think you are odd, but you simply adopt a unique manner of expressing your individuality. You are the typical sports girl, riding a bike and that too not pillion.

So, which of these women are you? No matter, what type of a woman you are, you are still the finest creation of Almighty. Take a look at your jewellery preference and let us know about which group you belong to. 

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