9 Eye-catching Earrings for your Jewellery Box

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When was the last time you bought a new earring set? I know you are pretty proud of your exclusive collection and like to flaunt your earrings to the world. No matter what style statement you project, earrings are must haves in your jewellery box. In fact, some women keep a separate day for shopping Earring for Girls.

Let’s check out the earring sets that are current favourites.


# Light-weight feather earrings


I guess these earrings never get old. Simple to look, feather earrings have rendered elegance to the wearer for ages. Women harbour a soft spot for these earrings in their hearts.

# Indigenous geometric-shaped earrings

You don’t have to be a mathematician to love square or hexagon-shaped earrings. Light alloy bent to form geometric frames in various shapes give you a simple yet trendy look. Match a black gown with a steel-collared rhombus-shaped dangler to draw glances in a crowded room.

# Cool rose drops

Rose drop earrings are ideal for both workplace and parties. Wear them to parties on a weekend with a floral top and blue jeans. The youthful combination gives you a bubbly look.

# Royal wooden drops

A flat wooden base drop with a bright pink coloured gem attached on top of it is quite a show-stopper. A black water-drop shaped stud attached above the wooden piece completes the colour contrast you are trying to get. This pair of earrings is ideal for a family party. Combine them with a dazzling pink collared traditional gown with wood coloured designs.

# Elegant diamond drops

Own a pair of black collared diamond shaped earring with tiny diamond pieces studded on it. The dazzling colour combination can work wonders for you at parties where you can turn into the star of the event.

# Ethnic beaded triangle drops

Are you going for a fun night out? Triangle drops with glittering beads are cool for the occasion. Match a black and white earring set with a black LBD. You are sure to become the stunner of the night.

# Simple floral paper studs

Paper studs are unique and cute. Wear red floral studs with a red sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans for your evening coffee date. With this bright combination, you are sure to impress your beau.

# Funky animal earrings

Wear a black cat alloy earring to a vamp and villain themed party. Match the earrings with an off-shoulder black pencil dress to epitomize the perfect vamp.


# Attractive alloy sheet danglers


Extremely thin sheets of intricately designed alloy earrings are good for both office and casual outings. You look smart and attractive when these danglers match light collared shirts or t-shirts and skirts or harem pants.

Some women match their earrings with their dresses. But, some like me, match dresses with earrings. Either way, you simply cannot do without earrings. If you have any other design, material or colour in mind, enlighten us with your opinions. We are waiting!!!

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