How Can You Mend A Necklace On Your Own?

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So, you have broken the necklace that your boyfriend gifted you last Valentine’s Day. You want to mend it before he comes to know about the damage. Mending your own necklace can be pretty easy, if you have the right equipments at your disposal. All you have to do is apply some easy techniques to get your valentine gift back to its earlier state.

What do you need to repair a broken necklace?

The right tools ensure how quickly and efficiently you can fix the jewellery. The first and foremost things you need are all the broken pieces of the necklace. If you cannot find a single part of the necklace, you can buy it from a shop. Another very important thing you need is a pair of pliers.

How to repair the necklace?

# Start with jump rings

Now, what are jump rings? They are round or oval wires with an opening. Jump rings are available in various sizes and thicknesses. They are matched according to the weight and size of the necklace. In case, you have lost the jump rings, you have to take the necklace to the shop and buy the rings as per your requirements. If you do not get the required size of jump rings in the market, you can bend a wire and put the clasp inside it. Use the pair of pliers to join the jump rings to a clasp on one side and the open link of the jewellery on the other side.

Remember, you are handling delicate jewellery parts. Therefore, you have to be extremely cautious of not breaking the rings. Repeated holding of the jump rings by pliers can break them.

If a link breaks, you can join the open links with a new jump ring. If you do not get a similar sized jump ring, you can use a thick wire for your purpose. But, a wire may render a different appearance to the necklace than what it originally looked. You can hook a charm to that particular place of the necklace to give it a unique look. This idea can be a new fashion statement and become the perfect Fashion Jewelry.

# Get to the beads

Beads can make your necklace look better than what it actually looked like. Buy beads that suit the colour and size of the chain links, and tie them with the links. Your necklace gets a striking look because of the new addition. Smile, because your boyfriend will be anything, but disappointed when he sees the new look of his gift.

# End with the clasps

Have you lost the clasp of your necklace? You can bend metal wire to create a clasp. Render any shape to the clasp and add it to the jump rings and the open links of the necklace.

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