How to take Care of Artificial Jewellery?

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With the prices of valuable metals rising and taxes for these metals and other precious gems too on the rise, artificial jewellery has occupied a precious seat as far as women’s choices are concerned. They resemble the real metals and precious stones, but may get spoilt, if you do not take proper care of them. Waah Waah brings you a list of measures to protect your Fashion Jewelry

Like all things you use, artificial jewellery too needs care. Take care of the ornaments and see them last longer than they usually do. Here are a few tips that ensure the wellness of your beloved fashion jewellery

Keep Separately

When keeping the ornaments, make sure that jewellery pieces of different material are kept separately. Zircon and Swarovski materials should be kept separately because there are separate techniques of cleaning them. 

Treat them Properly

Treat your jewellery, as if they are the most expensive ones you possess. If you simply stack them in a box and keep on throwing the other jewellery pieces on them, they will easily be damaged. The ornaments should be stored in a cool and dry place. When wearing perfume, you must not spray deodorant or perfume over the ornaments. Moisture, acid, salt and oil are harmful for costume jewellery. Each ornament should be kept in a separate plastic bag. You can also wrap the ornaments with a tissue paper. This protects the ornament pieces from humidity and scratches rendered from other ornaments. 

Protect from Moisture

The plastic bag, jewellery box or anywhere you keep the ornaments should contain small silica packets or 3M's silver protector strips. These materials have the capacity to absorb moisture. You can either buy them or get them from boxes of shoes or suitcases. Before handling the ornaments, you should dry your hands. Do not wear your jewellery when taking shower, exercising or swimming. 

Pamper the Ornaments

If you notice that the jewellery pieces turning wet, dry them with a towel and then store them. In case, the plastic bag is wet, do not keep the ornaments in it. 

Cleaning Material

Fill a container with water and pour liquid soap into it, then swirl the container. You can also use toothpaste or baking soda to clean most ornaments. You should have a soft cloth to wipe the gift jewellery clean at regular intervals. You can also keep a cream for polishing jewellery. The softness of the cloth protects the jewellery from being tarnished. 

Maintaining Crystal Jewellery

Crystal and glass jewellery are delicate and therefore, need protection from being broken. Such ornaments should be stored between layers of cotton to keep them sound.

Check the Ornaments

Check the jewellery pieces to make sure that no lose part is hanging from the ornament.
So, if you want your girls jewellery to be safe and sound, take the above mentioned steps. They will help you in your endeavour to keep the ornaments safe and secure. If you have any queries regarding safe keeping of your costume jewellery, call our customer service executives who can offer you suitable solutions. 

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