What is Crystal Jewellery?

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Waah Waah was created with the motive to offer you an elegant way to adorn yourself. Beauty should not and is not limited to geographic boundaries. Gone are the days when diamond and other precious gems used to beautify women. As of today, women all over the world are opting for crystal jewellery.

Understanding Crystal Jewellery 


Crystal Jewellery is made from crystal of natural quartz, minerals and sand. The looks of natural crystals can be heightened with the help of finish and colours. Jewellery is crafted from crystal beads and pendants. 


Swarovski Crystals 

 It is a type of fashion jewellery that has made its mark on the everyday life of the twenty-first century woman. The 1950s saw a surge in the demand for such jewellery. This was the period when crystals began to hold an important position in the lives of European women. Austrian designer, Daniel Swarovski created crystals that were prominently noticed on bracelets, Necklaces for Women, brooches and earrings. Now-a-days, Swarovski crystals form part of elegant costume jewellery. 


The Swarvoskis are today maintaining a fourth generation family business. Swarovski crystals are popular across the globe because of their brilliance and high quality. Today, several artificial jewellery designers use crystal beads and pendants from Swarovski. 

Crystal beads from Swarovski are available in all sorts of colours. They may be bold, smoky or even transparent. Yellow, red, blue and green are found in various shades. Gray and black are also common colours. Swarovski offers a miracle colour that changes depending upon the reflecting light. Commonly known as cantaloupe, the hue alters from gray to green to pink. 
Some other crystals display an Aurora Borealis finish. This finish resembles the seven colours of the rainbow. The Aurora Borealis finish creates rainbow prisms of colour when under light. 


Rhinestone Crystals 


At a certain point, rock stones from the banks of River Rhine in Europe were utilized by several jewellery designers to resemble the iridescent appearance of diamond. Some costume jewellers also replaced beads of glasses with lots of crystals in order to create shining crystal jewellery. 


Crystal Beads and Pendants in Various Shapes 


You can find crystal beads in various shapes like, cube, rotund, bi-cone and heart-shaped. The ends of bi-cone crystal beads narrow down on either side. Drop bi-cones come with a hole on one end. Beaded crystals come in various forms and are used to enhance different styles. 

Crystal pendants that are used to make crystal jewellery come in varied shapes like, teardrops, stars, crescents and crosses. Crystal ornaments are perfect for bridal occasions. 

Crystal jewellery pieces make for a brilliant gift, if you have a valentine gift in mind. Starting from glamorous party wear to simple day wear, crystal ornaments have made a place for them in the hearts of today’s women. There is something for everyone in the world of crystal ornaments.

Crystal jewellery pieces are used for various occasions. While traditional jewellery is ideal for weddings, bold ones can be worn in cocktail parties. Girls jewellery made of crystals are among the most attractive jewellery pieces adorned by women. Take a look at the online portal of Waah Waah and enhance your beauty with crystal jewellery pieces. 



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