What is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Zircon?

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What is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Zircon? 

At Waah Waah, we present to you an outstanding collection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and zircon. Both of these are useful for crafting costume jewellery. 
Here we are going to learn about both SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and zircon.


Before talking about the elements, you must know that the family of Swarovski has two major businesses. One of the activities involves making precision-cut crystals for creating figurines and artificial jewellery. The other activity deals with manufacturing and selling elements to the jewellery industry. 
The precision-cut crystals of Swarovski have been given a brand name called ‘SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.’ These crystals are utilized in the jewellery industry for crafting ornaments and pieces of home décor. Today, many crystal jewellery designers use crystals with the label ‘SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.’ The label is proof of the fact that they are original Swarovski crystals. 

Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystals are gems made in Austria. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that would precisely cut sand, minerals and quartz crystals. The brand has maintained secrecy about the actual proportion of the above mentioned raw materials. Nevertheless, the procedure ensures the emergence of brilliantly cut crystals. For four generations, the family has successfully manufactured the most renowned crystals in the world at the factory in Wattens, Austria.
Swarovski crystals are utilized in all forms of ornaments. Every year sees a new collection of women jewellery embedded with semi-precious gems and Swarovski crystals. They should receive proper care; in fact they should be treated like fine jewellery. When you buy these jewellery pieces, you must keep them away from moisture or dust. 

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Zircon is a valuable gem and has been in use for many years. It is available in several colour variations which are caused by the presence of some impurities. Some of these impurities are present in the form of radioactive elements that are destroyed by a process called metamiction. These radioactive elements should be heated to make them stable. Stability gives zircon the ability to be used as precious stones. The heat treatment contributes in creating good colour effect and increases transparency. A partially transparent reddish-brown or greyish-brown zircon can be heated in a place without oxygen, to obtain a shade of blue. The blue stones are re-heated in air to get a golden brown colour. Certain zircon gems are heated to produce colourless gemstones. Heat treatment is quite common in zircon gems. 
This is the only gem which comes closest to resemble diamond. It has a lustrous look that helps in rendering the shimmer of girls jewellery. The most commonly used hues of zircon are golden-brown, white and blue. Other hues of zircon not used frequently for manufacturing fashion jewellery are green, yellow, purple and pink. 
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