Why Prefer Artificial Jewellery over Precious Jewellery?

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Why Prefer Artificial Jewellery over Precious Jewellery?

Jewellery is said to be a woman’s best friend. She adorns ornaments of various types to look beautiful. When you adorn jewellery your body language changes for the good. However, there has been a massive change in the choice of women. Working women prefer to adorn artificial jewellery over expensive ornaments. The former displays the same shine and glow as the latter. Artificial jewellery, like all other precious jewellery items are found in the form of necklaces, bangles, fingering, earring, bracelets, Earring for Girls etc.
There are various reasons for which today’s women opt for fashion jewellery over their expensive counterparts. Here are a few of them. 



A Combination of Value and Style 

Wearing a gold or diamond ornament may enhance your social status, but can you consider them for daily wear? There is always fear of such precious jewellery of getting tarnished when they come in contact with dust and water. Modern woman prefers wearing jewellery that is both fashionable and less costly. 
Today, women are more concerned about style than metal. A diamond or platinum jewellery cannot be a style statement on a regular basis, because they are made of precious gems and metals respectively. They can be the perfect pick for gift jewellery. Wear a different ornament every day and grab the attention of your admirers. 


Costume jewellery has the same kind of appearance as expensive jewellery. Jewellers can distinguish between their textures, but not common consumers. Most artificial ornaments are made from pewter or nickel. These are duller to look at than the original gold or silver, so they are plated with minimum amount of gold and silver. This renders a shine and you can hardly state the difference. 

Twinkles like Real Gem

Again, diamond and other precious gems are very expensive. Wearing them on a daily basis is a risk. If you lose a diamond stud, you will be heartbroken. However, losing a girls jewellery made of not so expensive material does not cause such massive pain. Jewellers make use of glass blowers that render the same colour or shape that diamond gives. You can buy an ornament that keeps prices low by utilizing semi-precious gems and at the same time maintains the beauty of the jewellery. Rhinestones coated at the back with metal flakes shine like original diamond at times. 

In the 1950s, Swarovski came up with a prismatic crystal rhinestone by implementing technological treatments. The effect created by this new treatment urged many consumers to specially order for Swarovski jewellery because they are authentic to look and come at affordable price ranges.

Women are passionate about their jewellery pieces. Ornaments make women feel confident of their beauty and enhance their natural looks. So, whether it is a valentine gift or something you bought for yourself, jewellery pieces will always make you look beautiful and elegant.

Fine jewellery can be worn at particular places, but artificial crystal jewellery can be worn to any place, for any occasion and anytime. Buy ornaments from Waah Waah and realize why more and more women are opting for them over precious jewellery. 


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